Soft4Boost Video Converter Review

VideoConverter_box.jpegWe initially had high hopes for Soft4Boost Video Converter, based on its feature set alone. When we started using it, however, we found that it is unable to handle several common file formats.

In terms of features, this software could certainly hold its own against even the best video converter for Windows applications. It offers all the basics, as well as some more advanced features like a watermark tool, the ability to clip video or audio file lengths, a crop tool to remove unwanted images from the display and sliders that let you adjust the video image’s brightness, saturation and contrast. It also offers a whopping 11 special effects filters, more than in any other application that we reviewed.

All these tools are made simple, thanks to the variety of methods to use them. For example, you can crop a video by dragging a box on the image, typing the desired pixel dimensions in a field or typing the crop areas position in a field. The software doesnt offer side-by-side comparison of the video before and after you edit it, however, which is something that most other applications include.

The conversion profiles in this software also have that little something extra. Rather than just categorizing the formats according to their output devices, this software provides brief descriptions of each file format, so you know exactly what youre converting your files to before you click Start. Batch conversion and conversion of one file to multiple output formats, both common features to video conversion, are of course available.

Thanks to large and clearly-labeled buttons and sliders, this software is also incredibly easy to use. The design is not only intuitive, but also inviting – a helpful presentation for a subject that can get quite technical.

Unfortunately, the list of this softwares positive attributes ends here. We found that this application is unable to convert from or to many very common file formats, including Flash, Matroska and SWF, to name just a few. Its vital that you chose a video conversion application that is capable of converting all common video file formats, and Soft4Boost Video Converter simply falls short.

In addition, it lacks compatibility with a few audio file formats, namely lossless audio like FLAC and APE. We feel that if a video converter is going to attempt to be an audio converter also, it should be able to handle common lossless formats; after all, you dont want to convert your audio (or extract audio from your video) in a format that wont reproduce exactly as the original.

This video converter doesnt much redeem itself with its help and support options. When you type a term into the user manuals search box, it only searches that page, not the whole document, which means most of the work is left to you. The online support only offers FAQs, a few brief tutorials and a technical support email address. The support team did respond to our email in less than 12 hours, however, so there is at least a final resort in that feature.

Despite its competitive feature set and intuitive design, we found that Soft4Boost Video Converter is a sub-par application because of its incompatibility with several common file formats. Other applications are more accommodating, allowing you to convert video to and from common and not-so-common file formats.


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